Sunday, July 1, 2012

Finally Getting It Right: An Introduction

Her Story:

Two years ago I knew I'd be married today.  What I didn't know is who exactly I’d be married to, because two years ago my life was very different. I spent my days at Giant Company of Doom working my tail off in their advertising department (where I'd previously sold my soul to the devil to achieve a menial, entry-level position), then my evenings going home to my fiancé-at-the-time, Tristan the Great.  He was fun, energetic, the life of the party—which everyone but me loved about him.

Which brings me to how I met my co-author— and now husband— Ken.

Tristan the Great and Ken both worked at the same Giant Company of Doom as me, only they worked in Graphic Design.  I'd met Ken several times, since I often tagged along when Tristan went out for drinks with coworkers from his department.  From what I knew of Ken, he seemed like a nice guy.  Quiet, but nice.  Little did I know that soon he'd become my biggest help and ally.

Two years later, I sit, a little older and a little wiser, but infinitely happier.  I'm married to the man of my dreams, and we have a relationship that, before I met Ken, I thought was only possible in sappy movies or in the most well-imagined romance novels.  It's a relationship filled with mutual trust, respect, and more sex that I ever thought I’d want!

So what makes our relationship different from other relationships?  We're not entirely sure, but we've sure come up with a lot of theories. One of them is that so many couples think they're in love, but they're actually "doing" love wrong.  They act within romantic relationships in ways simply because over the years, they've learned by example of family or tall tales from friends or pop culture references and gender stereotypes that it is how all couples should and do act within a monogamous relationship.


His Story:

Two years ago I found what I needed more than anything else in my life. For different people it's different things, but for me it's a person. I'm going to shock you now: I'm talking about my co-host, Barbie.

Barbie came into my life two years ago, and we didn't fall in love at first sight. She was engaged to one of our coworkers at the time. A fairly decent guy as near as I could tell. I was no home-wrecker, they seemed happy, and what's more I had no interest in finding love. Back in high school I had a rough experience. I've always been an old soul, and I fell for a teenage girl (Amber) hard and deep. Harder than high schoolers are supposed to be able to love someone. When life happened and we went our separate ways to college, I was a lot more devastated than she was. There was a level of feeling she never got to, a place within herself that she never found for me, and it kept what we had from ever becoming something greater than it was. I spent years watching for that feeling to happen again with someone else, that element of something real that I sensed could lead to something incredible. But I didn't find it. Five years passed, total, and I eventually decided to content myself to be a bachelor (and a goddamned happy one, at that) for the rest of my life if the right person never came along.

Here's the thing, though. Barbie's fiancé, Tristan, wasn't a fine, upstanding individual. And love wasn't finished with me. Soon we found we had to ally together through one of the most bizarre situations of each of our lives, and along the way we learned a whole lot about love. If you keep reading this blog you'll find all the things we've learned, and maybe even get to know our story, strange as it is.


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